Today’s Haiku

the weight
of the muddy river
jerry-can on her head

Brass Bell  October 2017


More Tanka

when we were young
going against the grain—
in this old age
I find our hearts
trapped in birch bark

First Appeared in Blithe Spirit 26.3 (British Haiku Society)2016


born female
pummeled with stones
teeth bared
a humming of violets
echoed from her ribcage

First appeared in Blithe Spirit 26.3 2016


the road
forked left and right—

we pull apart
the bone of our breast
snapping it in two

First appeared in Blithe Spirit 26.3 2016


her bridal veil
falling to rocks below
the applause so loud
I cover my ears—
denial is soundproof

First appeared in Ribbons Tanka Society of America spring/summer 2016


deep in the woods
my face in my hands
I speak to
the hollowed out tree—
my red heartwood bared

First appeared in Bamboo Hut May 2016


to grow backward
becoming unborn
a sky to suck on—
likewise jonquils reborn
in spring to blow again

First appeared in Bamboo Hut May 2016


scrawny bird
feeding her fledglings
mouth to mouth
putting her loved ones first
and yet they blame us

First appeared in Presence Issue #55 2016


Recent haiku

how the acorn
splits wide open
threading itself

First appeared in Akitsu Quarterly Summer 2016


spring breeze—
cherry petals
flavoring my tea

Runner-up International  Spring Festival, Ohanami Recital Sofia, Bulgaria


the window
as far as it goes
sweet woodruff

First appeared inFrozen Butterfly 2016 Fourth Issue


my emotions
floating on the surface
water hyacinth

First appeared in Cattails January 2016


in one fell swoop
she loses her bloom
wild cherry

First appeared in Akitsu Quarterly Summer 2016


at first light
gazelles kneel
before the river

First Appeared in Akitsu Quarterly Summer 2016






a gunny of nuts
drying in the shed
the way
lightning strikes hickory
I burst wild from my shell

Moonbathing Journal #13  2015


schizophrenic light
welling out of nail holes
in my thinking
the eye of a violet
sees right through me

Gogoyshi #2 2015


a strangeness
in the foothills howling
at the moon
one more sleepless night
my mouth speaks wild sounds

Cattails 2015


sun salutation
naked branches—arms outstretched
I exalt myself
the moment of my dying
already exists within

Blithe Spirit 25.4 2015


old maw of the sea
stealing riches from upstream
another deluge
eroding faith leaves gouges
my defenseless roots laid bare

Tanka Journal  #2  2015


tufted puffin
breaking the mirrored skin
of the silent sea
ripple after ripple
altering my outcome

Cattails 2015