Today’s Haibun


Fifty-eight school children are selected to gather on the playground.  Fifty-three of us form a circle and the remaining five become the ‘stem’.  A nun is the cross at the beginning of the stem and leads the first prayer, ‘The Apostles Creed’.

Looking back I mostly remember how restless I was standing there, switching from one foot to the other, anticipating my turn to lead a prayer, making goofy faces at my friend, willing it to be over, as the fifty-nine prayers dragged on and on. I thought I’d die of boredom.

Mardi Gras beads
kicked to the curb
Ash Wednesday
when you were ‘Hail Mary’
and I was ‘Glory Be’

Presence #60 2018



They were too young to really understand the meaning of ‘divorce’. Looking back they may recall the rustling in the underbrush and the sparrows chirping. Flower petals, bruised and smoldering, are heaped in a circle of stones. And the house brick by brick has crumbled baring a waning gibbous moon.

all the kings horses
and all the kings men—
ten thousand drumbeats

I see them through the rear view mirror,  wide-eyed changelings pressed against the glass.. When the road forks and we split apart my heart makes sounds of cicadas shedding. Poppy fields, heads nodding, blur past in a smear.

out of the dawn
a wren’s ruffled song
—blue wild indigo

Blithe Spirit Vol 28:1 2018


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