Today’s Haibun 2/20/18



Math is my favorite. The flashcards are easy. They try to trick me by slipping in a
picture. I tell them it doesn’t belong. They say it’s not a picture. It’s the number 4.
I shout TUNING4K TUNING4K. We go through this every day.

After math we do colors, Blue Green Red White. I know what’s coming next. I won’t even look. It smells awful. I run from the room gagging. They avoid that color for awhile until one day they test me and display yellow daffodils on the table. I go berserk.

I hear angry voices late at night. They want to send me away. I am scared. I hide in my secret cupboard until morning.

I have been trying really hard to fix this. If I go to the music room at math time and bring back the tuning4k repeating 4 4 4 maybe just maybe they will let me stay. But I will never ever give in on that smelly yellow.


the other side
of the moon
in darkness
I pinch myself
to know if I’m real


B H S Blithe Spirit November 2017


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