a gunny of nuts
drying in the shed
the way
lightning strikes hickory
I burst wild from my shell

Moonbathing Journal #13  2015


schizophrenic light
welling out of nail holes
in my thinking
the eye of a violet
sees right through me

Gogoyshi #2 2015


a strangeness
in the foothills howling
at the moon
one more sleepless night
my mouth speaks wild sounds

Cattails 2015


sun salutation
naked branches—arms outstretched
I exalt myself
the moment of my dying
already exists within

Blithe Spirit 25.4 2015


old maw of the sea
stealing riches from upstream
another deluge
eroding faith leaves gouges
my defenseless roots laid bare

Tanka Journal  #2  2015


tufted puffin
breaking the mirrored skin
of the silent sea
ripple after ripple
altering my outcome

Cattails 2015





2 TANKA _ ‘after the plow’ and ‘sharpening stone’

after the plow
arrowhead pokes through
buried memories
he picks up a flint stone
chipping at her hairline

Gogoyshi #2 2015


sharpening stone
a flurry of feathers
wings clipped
my own insignificance
held fast with spit and 
bale wire

Gogoyshi #2 2015