a nosegay of baby’s breath


a nosegay
of baby’s breath
sleepy white—wings closed

first appeared in Blithe Spirit 25.2   2015




Spinning the Silk

Spinning the Silk

In 1988 I began keeping a journal of my favorite quotes and to this day I keep adding to them. For me it’s fun to look back through them to see how they have influenced my writing. 1988 must have been a good year because that’s also the year when I started submitting haiku to journals with moderate success.

Following are a few quotes/writings I would like to share today.

“You should enter not a mountain but your own mind. Make your hiding place
in the unknown.”

—Shido Munan

from one bathtub
to another bathtub
all nonsense


“If only for a moment we see within, we have overcome the emptiness of things.”


“No umbrella getting soaked. I’ll just use the rain as my raincoat.”

“Without leaving my house, I know the whole universe.”


“Just to be alive is enough.”

—Shunryu Suzuki

“It’s glorious the things an empty self sees! I walk the stream to it’s very source, sit
and watch the clouds rise.—If by chance I meet an old woodsman, we talk and laugh—no rush to get home.”

—Wang Wei
From my heart to yours,